beast won’t go to sleep ‘verse 

an au where kurt and blaine are college roommates and blaine is very, very open about his rampant sex life, featuring bp!blaine *u*

rated r and ~1,300k

“I am so horny.”

The back of Blaine’s knees hit Kurt’s bed and he flops backwards onto it, bouncing with the momentum. These words aren’t exactly rare to hear from Blaine’s mouth, and as such, it doesn’t faze Kurt as much as it once had. When he’d first met Blaine, first encountered just how open he was about his sexuality, it had made Kurt very uncomfortable—and on occasion, very hard. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t had at least a slight crush on Blaine for a while, and thinking about him in compromising positions would have him reeling. He had been the cause of more than a couple stripped-out shower jerks during the first few weeks of their living together.

However, Kurt quickly became accustomed to it, the crush faded with every boy Blaine brought back to their dorm, and Kurt became much more sexually active than he had originally intended upon entering college, if only to take care of his increased libido (and maybe as a bit of a competition piece with Blaine, but Kurt always knew he would never live up to the Blaine Anderson rate of Speed Fucking).

Kurt snorts, peering up at Blaine from his book before turning back to it. “Thanks for sharing that with the class, hon.”

“I can’t help it.” Blaine whines, clearly not ashamed of what he had just proclaimed to their empty dorm room. “That thing between my legs is throbbing like it has its own fucking heartbeat.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, shifting his jaw as he sees Blaine’s legs fall closed and open and closed again out of the corner of his eye. “Didn’t you just get laid yesterday?” Kurt mutters, turning a page.

“Yesterday is not today, Kurt.” Blaine says simply, beating his fist repeatedly against Kurt’s mattress and letting it bounce off the springs and fall back down again. Blaine groans loudly, Kurt thinks overdramatically, and he flips himself over, burying his face in Kurt’s duvet with a muffled scream.

Blaine is very well skirting on nympho the past couple weeks, and while Kurt can usually handle this, after a while the complaining gets extremely irritating. Blaine just moans and groans about it hour after hour, and Kurt has already overheard him getting off twice today in their connecting bathroom, making no attempt to stifle the whimpers and “please”s of his fantasies that echo off the tiled walls, nor to hide the thick black dildo that was damp with droplets of water from the faucet and flung carelessly onto their sink. Kurt is two seconds away from just abandoning the dorm and retreating to the library to study instead, despite his preference for the comfort of his own dorm. With every passing second with this excessively horny Blaine, the comfort level goes down.

“Oh my god, Blaine, you are so fucking annoying.” Kurt grunts. “Get over it. And get off my bed.”

Blaine ignores him. As he usually does when Kurt tells him to calm the fuck down. “If I don’t have someone between my legs in about thirty minutes I might actually put my fist through a wall.” Blaine moans, his cheek pressed against the bed.

“If you’re so desperate to put your fist somewhere, then put it in your fucking cunt, Blaine! I swear to god…” Kurt explodes, unintentionally, but he knows Blaine doesn’t actually give a shit. Blaine doesn’t exactly have what people would call a “filter” on most days, and Kurt learned that very quickly when they met the first day of Kurt’s sophomore year at college. He also learned that very first day that Blaine has a pussy, as he proudly flaunted it in their room while changing out of his regular clothes into his “fun” clothes as Blaine calls them.

Kurt came to realize that most of the “fun” came from the lack of underwear, or the occasional g-string, that he wore underneath his circulation-cutting jeans.

“That is so not as good as someone else’s fist, Kurt.” Blaine says, staring up at Kurt with an indignant expression.

“Oh, sorry, my mistake.” Kurt says sarcastically, crossing his legs in front of him on the bed.

Blaine’s head falls back to the mattress where he starts to fantasize, and Kurt is about to shove him off his bed. “God, I just want someone to shove my legs open and bury their face in my pussy…” Blaine pouts.

“Well you’re not going to find someone to fuck just sitting here complaining about it.” Kurt asserts.

“Oh, am I not?”

Kurt sighs, slamming his book down onto the bed and glaring at Blaine. His eyes are wide, almost glowing, accompanied with an other-worldly suggestive smirk on his lips. “That was one time.” Kurt grits out, “It’s not happening again.”

Oh yeah, that one time. A month after Blaine had moved in and had been walking around their dorm bare ass naked all day. And Blaine kept touching himself absently, just kept dipping his finger in between the lips of his pussy and just playing with himself while he sat on his bed, while he walked over to his desk, while he talked on the phone, and it had been driving Kurt insane.

And then out of fucking nowhere, Blaine just turns to Kurt and asks if Kurt has ever eaten out a pussy, and if he would want to. Right now. And Kurt shrugged and climbed up on Blaine’s bed and he did it, out of lack of other things to do and also to get Blaine to stop insouciantly fondling himself.

Kurt admits it was fun. It was a new experience, and it certainly wasn’t a nice, thick cock in his mouth, but it was different and not altogether an unenjoyable encounter. Blaine knows what he’s doing, no doubt, and Kurt had been bored and annoyed. So yeah, he ate Blaine out, and nothing had happened since. They went back to their regular routines and Blaine had never asked Kurt to pleasure him again. What’s some casual pussy-eating between friends, anyway? But Kurt always figured that Blaine had never ruled Kurt out as a possible, more frequent sexual partner, and he had just been proven right.

Blaine crawls forward slowly, predatorily, the smirk still present as he does. “Just one more time, baby. One more.” Blaine is on him now, hovering over him on his hands and knees, running his tongue over his lips.

“No, Blaine.” Kurt says adamantly, keeping his glare intact and not giving into Blaine’s techniques that he’s seen in play more times than he wishes to count.

But when he feels Blaine’s lips at his ear, Kurt swallows, slipping his hands around Blaine’s (tinytinytiny) waist. “Eat my pussy, Kurt.”

Okay, remember when Kurt said he had gotten over Blaine? A tiny bit of him may be lying to himself. There is no “getting over” Blaine Anderson, especially when he’s in your lap and whispering filthy things in your ear.

Kurt’s head falls back against the pillows with a groan, but he digs his fingers into Blaine’s ass and topples him over with ease, stripping off Blaine’s pants and forcing his thighs wide open with the palms of his hands before sinking his upper half down to the mattress to hover about Blaine’s cunt.

“You owe me so big for this, asshole.” Kurt breathes over his folds, trying to come off angry but probably only succeeding in sounding playful, before spreading Blaine’s flush lips with his thumbs and going down on him with an open mouth.

Blaine’s hips arch upwards with it, letting out a truly pornographic moan in the thin walls of their dorm, but everybody around them already knows whose making the noises so it’s really not a surprise. It’s just Wednesday night in Blaine’s dorm.

Uh-uh-uhn fuck, Kurt. You ask for it, baby, you’ll get it, I promise.” Blaine pants out, laying his hands on Kurt’s head gently as he rolls his hips into Kurt’s mouth.

Kurt sucks largely at Blaine’s labia before pulling off with an obscene slurping noise, looking up at Blaine and speaking low, “I’ll hold you to that,” before dropping his mouth again, feeling Blaine’s screams vibrate on his tongue.

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