klaine fic: Waiting In The Dark: Part 3/?

Rating: R (will go up to NC-17 in later parts) | S&C link | AO3 Link

Warnings: For this part, lots of innuendo and sex talk :)))

Summary: Blaine is a hooker on the streets of New York, where as fate would have it, Kurt crosses his path (but not in the way you’d think…). 

A/N: Another chapter already??? Yes. And possibly another within the next few days. Things are starting to get a little more fun now…eheheh

Part One | Part Two | Part Four

“So you really have no problem getting it on with a bunch of old men?”

Blaine smiles, highly amused, and Kurt’s expression is still a bit put off. Blaine’s job seems to be a frequent topic of conversation between them, and Blaine doesn’t seem to mind. He actually seems kind of excited to be able to talk about it with Kurt, which is good because he has an endless flow of questions for Blaine.

This isn’t the first time they’ve chatted over coffee—it’s actually more the fifth or sixth give or take—but there’s so much Kurt wants to know. He likes spending time with Blaine and he likes getting inside the head of the man he had only met a couple months ago, huddled in a ball and crying like his world was ending. Kurt had been so scared, but he’s never been more appreciative of his sporadic sympathy kicks, since they led him to Blaine.

Blaine who may not have a normal nine to five job, but is still one of the sweetest guys that Kurt has ever met. He’s a perfect gentleman, which is something that Kurt would never had suspected from a prostitute, but Kurt is quickly learning that just because Blaine likes having sex doesn’t make him a terrible person. He’s always told himself not to judge others, but in the past he always figured it was their fault for giving off such an aura. They created the image that made it so easy to judge them. However, the closer Kurt gets to Blaine, the faster every assumption he had ever made about sex workers flies out the window.

He realizes how stupid he was to ever hold anyone to what they wear or what you assume they do. Blaine is kind and funny and he loves musicals and watching America’s Next Top Model and screaming obnoxiously loud at the television during football games (or so Blaine has told him). He has a hell of a time managing his hair, which is prone to ungodly amounts of frizz if he doesn’t treat it properly every day. He has plump, gorgeous lips that Kurt gets distracted by while Blaine goes on about how much he adores Nicole Kidman in Australia which was only outdone by her performance in Moulin Rouge.

And he has the most gorgeous eyes that Kurt has ever seen on another human being.

“Older guys don’t bug me so much. It can actually be pretty hot, depending.” Blaine says, absently trailing a finger around the lid of his medium drip. “Besides, older guys break the bank. You probably wouldn’t be surprised at how many older men would pay through the dick for a young buck fuck like me.”

“Yeah?” Kurt asks, a little baffled. “Well I can’t exactly blame them, to be honest.”

Blaine raises a palm to his cheek and the other over his heart. “Oh, Mr. Hummel, you’re making me blush!”

“Oh, please, don’t act like you don’t play your looks as often as you can. I know you better than that, Blaine Swallows.” Kurt jokes, emphasizing the heinous name that Blaine has put in his phone.

“Ok, you got me there.” Blaine admits with a bright, toothy grin, hamming it up just a little bit to accentuate his point.

It makes Kurt burst out laughing and nearly knock over his half-full cup of probably cold coffee. “You underestimate me.”

Blaine shakes his head, “No, I don’t actually. I am fully aware of your capabilities. And I can tell you without an inch of doubt that you would be a Class A hooker, Kurt Hummel.”

Kurt blows him off, waving his hand. “Bullshit.”

“No, I’m serious! You’re fucking hot. I told you that the first time I met you. Besides, your voice is so…seductive.” Blaine croons, sliding his hand across the table to tickle the back of Kurt’s hand with the tip of his finger. “It’s like fucking velvet on toast mixed with nutella.”

Little sparks shoot up Kurt’s arm and through his veins as Blaine caresses his skin, and he should be used to this by now, but he’s not. Blaine and he have become very comfortable with each other very fast. Almost too comfortable. In fact, they’re so comfortable that Kurt isn’t even sure where they stand right now in their friendship. They tease each other, both with words and with lingering touches, but they’ve never actually done anything. The most they’ve done is a couple friendly kisses on the cheek. And as much as Kurt feels he shouldn’t do anymore more with Blaine, he wants it. And he’s almost positive Blaine does too. But they’ve never actually said anything about their progression of affection.

It started with just simple touches, like Blaine grasping his arm or Kurt bumping his shoulder playfully. And somewhere within the past few weeks it’s advanced to stroking each other and challenging, heated stare-downs and sexual innuendos. He’s not sure where it came from or how it developed, but Kurt likes it. He likes it a lot.

“Oh god.” Kurt moans, retracting his hand from Blaine and rubbing over his face. “Now I know you’re joking.”

Blaine raises an open palm in the air. “I cannot tell a lie, Kurt.”

Kurt snorts, “Oh please, how many guys have you told lies to? ‘Oh baby, your cock is so big!’ ‘Oh, you fuck me so good!’ Puh-lease.”

Kurt thinks he sees something flash in Blaine’s eyes as Kurt mimics the probably countless men that Blaine has said those very things to, but it’s gone in less than a second as he narrows his eyes. “Ok, you got me again.”

Leaning forward a bit, Kurt hisses smoothly with a little playful heat, “Underestimating.”

Blaine leans forward too, and Kurt recognizes late how close their lips are at that moment, attempting to keep his breathing steady as he watches Blaine’s eyes flicker from his lips back up to his eyes. “I wouldn’t dare.” He whispers, and Kurt feels it all the way down to his fucking cock.

Kurt swallows, lighting a fire in his eyes as he responds as casually as he can. “You shouldn’t. Because I would whip your ass.”

“Mmm,” Blaine hums, quirking an eyebrow with a filthy smirk, “Kinky boy.”

“You wish.” Kurt lets drift to Blaine before withdrawing, pressing his spine straight along the back of the chair. And just like that, the fire between them is gone, and they get swept away in conversations of Gypsy and skin care.


There is no mistaking the shift that has happened between Blaine and Kurt within the past few weeks. Kurt is coming out of his shell, it seems. Blaine thought he liked Kurt before, but he really likes this Kurt that he’s come to know and flirt with incessantly. He is encased in the feeling that he’s met his match in regards to pretty much everything in his life, aside from the frequent occupational sex. But one thing Blaine is sure about is that Kurt hadn’t been joking that first night when he said he was comfortable sex. Kurt is right at home with Blaine’s raunchy banter and knows how to throw it right back in his face. Every conversation has the potential to become a sexual chess match, and Blaine is just waiting for one of them to call “checkmate” before all hell breaks loose between them (or, more appropriately, between their dicks).

Blaine had been wrong about Kurt. Or if he hadn’t been wrong, then Kurt wasn’t the same person as when he had first met him. Something had changed in his vision of Blaine. He used to be scared that Kurt would never want someone like him, but it turns out that Kurt was very much interested in him. It made Blaine a little giddy and a lot horny to a ridiculous point. Like, jacking off to his face and crying out his name, ridiculous.

The way Kurt springs things on him that he would never expect him to say so casually, like about “how well you must take it up the ass, Blaine” or how thinking about whatever “makes my cock so hard, god”… it makes Blaine go crazy. He’s always been prone to dirty talk, but the fact that it’s not really meant to be dirty talk really gets him off. The fact that Kurt is just being honest with Blaine, and possibly trying to get a rise out of him (literally) just makes Blaine want him more.

He wants more than just the banter and the touching and the glances. He wants Kurt. All of him. Every fucking inch of his body, his mind, his soul. He wants to fall apart underneath him and ride him until his legs give out. He wants to tie him to a bed and fuck him until he begs for mercy. He wants to take him to nice dinners and blow him in the bathroom stalls and fall asleep on the couch watching NCIS marathons and make him breakfast in the mornings with Kurt’s chin draped over his shoulder.

It mortifies Blaine, how much he wants him. Because he knows he can’t have him, not with the life he leads. Not while he lets anyone who wants him, have him, if they have the right price. But god, Blaine can dream. And he dreams a lot. Like they’re a remastered 20s classic in dazzling Technicolor.

“You seem very pensive.”

Blaine jerks his head over, where Sebastian is lounging on his side, a cigarette dangling from his fingers. Blaine loves the way Bas looks with a cigarette—it’s so fifties chic. Them both sharing a smoke in bed after a nice fuck, it’s very picturesque.

Blaine gives a brief shrug, taking a drag from his own light. “Got a lot on my mind lately.” Got a guy on my mind lately, He thinks. He plants his foot up on the bed as he leans over to Sebastian, taking his mouth with his. He tastes strongly of wet smoke with a little vodka and the deep, husky taste he’s come to know as Bas. Sebastian hums into the kiss, caressing Blaine’s tongue with his as they exchange tastes for a while.

Blaine does like kissing Sebastian. He isn’t afraid to take what he wants, and Blaine loves being under Sebastian’s power. He’s the guy that knows Blaine the best sexually, having been with him dozens upon dozens of times. It helps that Sebastian has been phenomenal at sex since the very start. He wasn’t married, since he’s known he was gay from a very young age, but Blaine knows he’s never been quite the one who has thought of settling down. Until he fell into bed with Blaine. And now he can’t help but think that Sebastian is thinking about taking and keeping Blaine home with him more and more. That used to bring excitement and anticipation into Blaine’s heart.

Until Kurt.

Kurt messed everything up, in the best way possible. And now, as much as he likes Sebastian, he’s stopped thinking about him. Now it’s Kurt that is on his mind when he gets off. It’s him he imagines when he pictures himself settling down with a nice man with maybe a kid or two. And Sebastian can still tease Blaine about wanting him to be his house husband, stroking each other off in the bathtub after Sebastian gets home from work, that’s all well and good. But all Blaine wants since Kurt is…Kurt.

 When they pull away from the kiss, Sebastian presses the end of his cigarette to Blaine’s lips, and he slips it inside, inhaling the potent smoke and holding it in his throat as Sebastian pulls the cigarette out again, taking his own drag. Lifting his other hand, Sebastian frames Blaine’s face and pulls him close, placing his open mouth onto Blaine’s. Blaine sighs contentedly, feeling the crisp burn of the smoke flow between their mouths as their tongues tangle together playfully. Breathing out the smoke from the corners of their mouths, Sebastian plucks the half-smoked light from Blaine’s fingers along with his own and reaches back to lay them across the ash tray on the bedside table.

A moment later, Bas has a leg between Blaine’s, and is kissing him for all he’s worth as his hand drifts down to Blaine’s softened cock. He moans into this kiss as a hand wraps around him and begins stroking him to hardness again. Sebastian breaks the kiss suddenly, and shifts down the length of Blaine’s body with a seductive glint in his eyes, until he’s level with Blaine’s cock.

“How about I help you to forget for a while?” Sebastian offers, staring up at Blaine from under his eyelashes with a look of pure sex that sends Blaine reeling. Blaine reaches a hand down into Sebastian’s hair, guiding his lips down to where Blaine is beginning to grow. A slick, wet heat slides over the length of him, and Blaine sighs again, his head hitting the pillows beneath him.

“Alright, Bas. But just this once.”


Blaine’s taking a night off, curled up on Kurt’s futon with Kurt pressed against his side as they watch some stupid chick flick on Hallmark, entertaining themselves by making snide remarks about the stupidity of the characters and critiquing the sexual abilities of the actors on screen.

“He has a small cock.”

Kurt scoffs, looking over at Blaine. “How the hell do you know?”

Blaine gesticulates toward the guy on screen with wide eyes. “You can just tell! I’ve been with enough guys to tell when they’re compensating, and that guy is Texas in the head and Rhode Island in the bed.”

Kurt bursts out laughing, clutching Blaine’s arm with it. Blaine chuckles along as Kurt’s face presses into his chest, shaking with mirth. “God, I’m sorry, that was hysterical.” Kurt breathes out, wiping a tear from his eye as he composes himself.

“I’m glad you’re amused.” Blaine laughs, knocking his shoulder against Kurt’s playfully.

“I just think you’re ridiculous, really. Bullshit you know the size of that guy’s cock.”

“I bet I could guess yours.” Blaine challenges, raising an eyebrow in intimidation. He isn’t sure why he says it. It’s crossing a line somewhere, admitting that Blaine has thought about Kurt’s dick. Thought about the size of it, the feel of it, and every tiny little detail about it. He would back off, but Kurt isn’t, and that just encourages him.

“Oh, I’d love to see you try.” Kurt says low, shifting onto his knees to face Blaine fully.

Blaine smirks, eyeing Kurt up and down, and Kurt is really at a disadvantage here. Blaine does have a gift for this, and Kurt is even more unlucky because he has no idea how much time Blaine actually spends thinking about Kurt’s cock.

Kurt looks unphased however, leaning forward on his palms and staring at Blaine while he makes his final calculations. Blaine’s lips twitch before he makes his move. “Six and a half, almost seven inches, about five thick. You’re a big boy, Mr. Hummel.”

Kurt’s eyes bulge the slightest bit, reeling back. “Who the fuck are you? Some sort of psychic? Have you been creeping on me in my bedroom?”

Blaine shakes his head adamantly with a triumphant grin. “I have a gift, and you underestimated it. What was that you keep saying about me underestimating you?”

Kurt glares, folding his arms over his chest. “Fine. Let me guess yours, then.”

“Be my guest.” Blaine says, dropping his jean-clad legs onto the ground and spreading them open.

Kurt stares at his crotch pointedly, scrunching his eyebrows in concentration before coming up with an answer. “Six inches long, three and a half thick.” Kurt’s eyes flick up to Blaine’s, where undeniable amusement is present.

Blaine shakes his head with a wide grin still in place. “Sorry Hummel.”

“I don’t believe you. What are you really, then?”

Blaine runs his tongue along the top row of his teeth, smirking. “Why ask me? You could see for yourself.”

“You just wanna show me your dick.” Kurt snarks, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, it’s a nice dick. I like my dick.” Blaine says proudly, cupping his crotch with his hand.

“I’m sure it’s a lovely dick, dear. But you’re probably a grower and it wouldn’t do me any good to see you soft.” Kurt says flippantly, slipping his legs out from under him and bending them to the side.

“You’re right about the grower, part.” Blaine says, pointing his finger at him. “Good job.”

“I’ve seen my share of cocks, Mr. Anderson. I do have some knowledge.”

“I don’t doubt you do. But the fact that you underestimated my length AND thickness by at least two and a half inches collectively is almost unforgivable.”

“Oh, my apologies, your majesty.” Kurt says, the sarcasm blatantly clear in his tone.

“You really should be sorry.” Blaine jokes. “And maybe one day you’ll get your solid proof.” Blaine whispers, and he’s well aware how enticing it sounds, and how the blush rises in Kurt’s cheeks after he says it. And he thinks if this conversation goes any further then Kurt won’t have to wait more than a couple minutes to see exactly what Blaine is talking about.


“He guessed my dick size, Rachel!” Kurt says in a rush, tugging the box of tea bags out of the cupboard and slamming them harder than intended on the counter. “And he was right.”

Rachel blows on her tea with wide eyes, staring at Kurt. “Oh honey, he wants you.”

Kurt huffs, dropping a tea bag into his mug and watching it seep in the water. “He’s a flirt, Rachel. That’s just how he is.”

He feels a hand on his shoulder and he turns his head toward Rachel. “Kurt, do you really think he would get it right if he hasn’t been actually thinking about your…on a regular basis?” She says, urging her face forward in place of the word to specify.

Kurt turns fully around with his mug in hand, leaning against the counter. “He’s slept with enough guys he’s never met. There’s a definite possibility.”

Rachel takes a sip from her mug, not moving her eyes from Kurt’s as she does.

“Don’t look at me like that, Rach.”

“I’m not looking at you like anything.” Rachel says, in a way that bluntly indicates the opposite.

Kurt loves Rachel, mostly because she tells things like they are in her own twisted way. Kurt just doesn’t want to believe that Blaine likes him. Blaine is highly skilled in the act of seduction, and the last thing Kurt wants to do is fall prey to it if Blaine doesn’t actually intend to follow through with anything. He’s kept his walls up for a long time, and one stupid, stupid boy isn’t going to bring them down. Even if he does probably have a big dick.

He doesn’t mean to, but he yells, “He doesn’t like me, Rachel!” And he threatens her to argue the opposite.

Rachel shrugs, spinning around and walking out of the kitchen. “I’m sure he doesn’t, Boo.”

No, he’s changed his mind. He hates Rachel.

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