klaine fic: Waiting In The Dark: Part 2/?

Rating: R (will go up to NC-17 in later parts) | S&C link | AO3 Link

Warnings: For this part, some seblaine, and also giddiness and unsure feelings

Summary: Blaine is a hooker on the streets of New York, where as fate would have it, Kurt crosses his path (but not in the way you’d think…). 

A/N: Yes, I know, seblaine. But it won’t be too much and klaine is endgame so please don’t let it deter you. I”ll never wrote full-blown sex between them.

Part One | Part Three | Part Four

“Look, all I’m saying is that Barbra Streisand absolutely revolutionized the face of traditional beauty.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, feeling Rachel’s hands grip Kurt’s arm just that much harder to put forth her point. He breathes out a small laugh, the air puffing white in front of them as they stroll down the streets of New York back to their apartment.

“I never said I disagreed with that!” Kurt insists, “Barbra is an absolutely stunning talent that cannot be denied. But Patti Lupone—”

“No, Kurt. No. I’ve won.” Rachel interrupts matter-of-factly, fully looping her arm through Kurt’s and adjusting the strap on her purse to hike it up her shoulder.

Kurt sighs. “Whatever, Berry. We both know—”


The voice stops Kurt right where he is, causing Rachel to be hauled back a few inches by her captured arm. His head whips around, and sure enough, there he is, leaning back against a wall clad in a studded leather jacket zipped up to his neck and a pair of truly awe-inducing tight jeans and the same Doc Martins he’d been in the first time they’d seen each other. A whole mix of emotions shoot liquid-hot through his stomach at the sight of him for the first time in over a month since their little…whatever it was in the alleyway. There’s a little intrigue at his getup, a lot of embarrassment for realizing that he never did call that number in his phone that he had so boldly named “Blaine Swallows”, as well as fear because, well, he never exactly told Rachel anything about what had happened that weekend and Rachel was bound to know something was up.

Kurt releases Rachel’s arm, taking a step in front of her in a half-hearted attempt to block her tiny view of Blaine, knowing full well that Rachel would just maneuver out of the way. Can’t blame a guy for trying.

“Blaine, hey.” Kurt smiles, giving a small wave in return. “How are you?” Out of the corner of his eye, he can clearly see Rachel staring at him, teeming with both curiosity and irritation, obviously that Kurt hasn’t ever mentioned this handsome stranger who not only looks like a prostitute, but actually is one.

Blaine smiles as well, only his has the ever so slight hint of a smirk twitching at his lips from glimpsing Rachel’s expression. “I’m pretty good, thanks. You?”

“I’m good.” Kurt says, attempting to fill in the silences so as to not allow Rachel any interrogation. “So—”

“Hello!” Rachel charges forward, nudging Kurt out of the way and hold out her hand firmly. Kurt mentally covers his eyes with his hand, knowing that this can’t end in a way that is not embarrassing and uncomfortable for everyone. “I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Rachel Berry, Kurt’s roommate.” However, Blaine takes her hand without fear, shaking it soundly before reclaiming his hand.

“I’m Blaine. Nice to meet you, Rachel.” He says politely, smiling towards Kurt at the last second before Rachel starts up again and his eyes dart back towards her.

“So Blaine, how do you know Kurt?” Rachel presses on.

“He’s a friend, Rachel.” Kurt cuts in before Blaine can respond. As much as he likes Blaine, he isn’t so sure he trusts him just yet, and he hopes that Blaine will play along.

Blaine nods, whisking an unlit cigarette from behind his ear and twirling it between his fingers smoothly. “Yeah, sort of pure happenstance, really. He helped me out in a bind a while ago. Still have yet to repay him for that.” His eyes shift to Kurt as he finishes speaking, raising a sharp eyebrow at him that holds a little too much implication for Kurt to not squirm a bit—and not send some blood rushing south as well.

“Well, it was a random act of kindness, and there really is no need to repay me, Blaine.” Kurt assures, a touch of anxiety stirring in his chest leaving him wondering whether Blaine actually expects Kurt to put out as a reward. He ousts that thought as quickly as he can, however, remembering that when he had propositioned Kurt the first time, how quickly Blaine had retracted when Kurt refused him. If Kurt knew anything about Blaine, it was that he would never force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do.

“Maybe, but you deserve it.” Blaine says, placing a gentle hand on his bicep. Kurt takes in a breath, locking eyes with Blaine for just a moment too long.

“I’ll meet you at home, ok Kurt?” Rachel pipes up, breaking their eye contact as they both turn to her.

“Oh, no, Rachel you don’t…I’ll go with you.” Kurt panics slightly.

“No, you guys catch up! I’ll see you later, boo.” And before Kurt can protest again, she’s heading down the street like a bullet out of a gun and lost in the crowds in moments. Damn her. He knows that Rachel knows he hasn’t been laid in over a month, and this is just her way of urging him forward with it.

“So that’s the roommate, huh?”  Blaine says, slipping the cigarette back behind his ear.

Kurt nods, glancing at the crowd once more before returning his eyes to Blaine. “Comes on a little strong sometimes. This was actually impressive for Rachel.”

“She’s…spirited.” Blaine smirks, crossing a leg over the other and propping the toe of his boot on the sidewalk. Kurt laughs in agreement, muttering a “yeah” before a silence falls between them for a few seconds. The milieu of people rushing back and forth in front of them makes Kurt just a little nervous, wondering if they think he’s actually trying to pick Blaine up. He knows he shouldn’t be self-conscious about that; Blaine is nice and he’s been nothing but gracious to Kurt. He figures, if they keep bumping into each other, he’ll have to get over it. Blaine does what he does, and Kurt can learn to roll with it.

Blaine breaks the silence suddenly. “You look good, Kurt.”

Kurt blushes, taking in Blaine’s broad smile and his genuine expression. It makes something flip in his stomach, being complimented by someone as handsome as Blaine. “Thank you. You too. You’re rather stunning in that jacket.”

“Well, I try.” Blaine says with faux-haughtiness, lifting his chin with it.

Kurt chuckles, and Blaine laughs as well, his eyes bright and almost sparkling, Kurt can’t help but notice. Blaine’s eyes always sparkle. “Have you um…had anyone…today?” Kurt asks, trying for conversational, but he’s not sure if it comes off that way.

“Uh, no, not yet.” Blaine confirms, “Tuesdays are usually slower.”

Kurt hums his understanding, and he can’t help but feel the awkward tension (none of which is sexual at all, of course not) settling down between them. He’s not sure if Blaine feels it as well—he is pretty shameless—but it’s making Kurt increasingly uncomfortable. “Well that’s…unfortunate?” Kurt tries, not sure how to comment on a prostitute not getting any hits.

Blaine shrugs with a smile. “All part of the job. You know, waiting in the dark for the men in business suits with mediocre cocks.”

Kurt is about to respond when a third voice breaks through their conversation. “I take offense to that ‘mediocre cocks’ bit, B.”

They both turn, and Kurt can see Blaine’s face light up a bit at the tall, thin, handsome man in one of said business suits approaching them. “Sebastian! Hey, good looking.” Blaine chirps flirtatiously, as Sebastian plants a kiss on Blaine’s lips.

Sebastian grins at Blaine before his gaze turns to Kurt, and there is no doubt that he is measuring him up, his eyes hovering up and down his body. Kurt’s cheeks redden, his hand flying to the back of his head and scratching nervously.

Sebastian raises an eyebrow, shifting his eyes to Blaine. “Am I too late? Did I interrupt a business transaction?”

Blaine answers readily, almost too readily for Kurt’s liking. “No! No, Kurt is just a friend, Bas. We were just catching up. I’m all yours if you want me.” He says with a smirk, reaching out and running his fingers nimbly down Sebastian’s tie before grasping it.

Kurt can feel his cheeks burning, some ghastly combination of embarrassment and resentment for this stranger whom Blaine is practically throwing himself at. Kurt can tell, he can just tell that Sebastian is a sleazebag. The way he’s looking at Blaine like something he can devour…it makes Kurt upset in a way he can’t really explain. Blaine deserves someone better, someone who will respect him. Not that Kurt would ever want to provide that, he’s just a friend. But it’s a friend’s responsibility to look out for their friends, right?

Kurt pulls himself back into focus, witnessing Sebastian’s hands slithering around Blaine’s waist, definitely going for his ass, and whispering things in Blaine’s ear that are making Blaine blush scarlet. It makes something in Kurt flare up.

He sees Sebastian gripping Blaine’s plump ass, and Blaine squeals, “Hey! You know the rules, Smythe. No touching the goods before payment.” Sebastian retracts, raising his hands in surrender with a smile. Kurt feels a weird sense of pride at Blaine defending himself. Then again, this is Blaine’s job. He knows how to get what he wants, and that makes Kurt feel a little bit better.

“But you’re still up for my taking, though, baby?” Sebastian asks, slipping his fingers into Blaine’s belt loops and pulling him forward.

Blaine hums affirmatively, “Yes, sir.” Blaine tears his eyes from Sebastian toward Kurt with a smile. “Look, I hate to cut this short, but…”

“No, no, I understand. I’ll catch up with you later, Blaine.” Kurt forces an encouraging smile, turning to leave.

“Promise you’ll call, though.” Blaine insists, calling over his shoulder, and Kurt turns to see an expectant look on Blaine’s face, like he really means it. “We should hang out sometime.”

Kurt grins again, “Promise.” Kurt casts his eyes to Sebastian, whose eyes are roving over Blaine’s body unashamedly. “Have fun.” Kurt says, a barely detectable bitterness creeping into his words.

Blaine bites his lip briefly, nodding. “See you later, Kurt.”

Kurt nods with a strained smile, before turning back around and heading towards his apartment, restraining himself from marching back there and throwing Sebastian off Blaine, warning him not to ever touch him like he was so lustfully. Kurt barely even knows Blaine, but all Kurt can think of is how nice a person Blaine seems to be, and how he doesn’t deserve to be slobbered all over by pigs. For the life of him, he can’t understand how Blaine actually likes living like this.

Kurt forces himself to accept the fact that he doesn’t actually know Blaine. He hardly knows anything about him, so he doesn’t have the right to judge or recreate his life for him. So he keeps walking.

“Oh god, Bas. I swear you’re one of the only guys I’ve been with that actually knows how to fuck.” Blaine pants, flopping onto his back and into the sheets, feeling them billow up around him as he lands. Sweat dots his temples and his own come is spread across his stomach, and Blaine really couldn’t feel more sated.

Sebastian’s been a customer of his for the past couple years, and they had shared an instant connection. Blaine had felt an insatiable pull towards the man, who only had a few years on Blaine—Sebastian was in his early thirties, and he’d be lying if he said that didn’t really turn him on. Usually age didn’t faze him, but on Sebastian it was…magnificent. Sexy as hell. Everything about Bas was sexy, really. And he liked Blaine. Not just as a whore, but as a person. Everything said or done between them bounced off each other seamlessly and beautifully, and Blaine is loath to admit that he’s had a crush on him for quite some time. But Blaine doesn’t date people who have been clients. Well, he really hasn’t dated period since he came to New York, hasn’t felt the need. Sebastian was different.

Different was so…different for Blaine. Blaine really liked different. Kurt was different. Kurt was…beautiful. He was polite and caring and just that side of sassy and—but no, Kurt doesn’t want him. That much was glaringly obvious for Blaine. There’s a certain amount of Kurt that is actually disgusted by him, and from the way Kurt had pushed him away, he made it abundantly clear how he felt about sex workers. For once, a guy doesn’t want him. That was different.

Blaine wipes his mind clear of Kurt, bringing himself back to the reality that he is sharing a very nice bed with glaringly expensive sheets with a gorgeous man that just fucked him into another dimension and who is actually interested in him.

Sebastian chuckles next to him, reaching a hand over and scooping up some of Blaine’s come onto his finger. “Well it helps to be fucking someone as effortlessly sexy as you.” Sebastian says, pressing his finger to Blaine’s lips before he eagerly opens them, sucking Sebastian’s finger—and his own come—into his mouth. Blaine’s eyes drift closed with contentment, working Sebastian’s finger like a pacifier between his lips and wrapping his tongue around it to get every drop of himself off of Sebastian.

When the finger is pulled from his mouth, he smiles, leaning over to press a kiss to Sebastian’s lips. “You flatter, sir.” Blaine remains nonchalant in his response, but inside butterflies flurry around restlessly.

“I tell the truth.” Sebastian points out, lifting himself and straddling Blaine’s form, his hands placed on either side of his head. “If I could, I’d just have you to myself all the time.”

“What, be your charming little house-husband, sucking your dick after a long day’s work?” Blaine suggests, only half joking.

“Mmm, yeah. Wearing nothing but a tiny little apron, unless I told you otherwise.”

“Pay me well enough, maybe we could arrange that.” Blaine whispers, letting his eyes drift down to Sebastian’s half-hard cock hanging down between them.

Sebastian’s lips slip down to Blaine’s ear, the tip of his tongue tracing delicately along the curves of it. “We both know money is no object for me. You’re in my bed at least once a week with my cock up your ass. That’s not exactly cheap.”

Blaine laughs softly, pulling Sebastian’s lips onto his again and sucking his tongue into his mouth. “I can’t afford to be cheap.” Blaine mutters.

With that, he slides down the bed from between Sebastian’s limbs, kissing the head of his dangling cock as he comes to it. He reaches immediately for his underwear, pulling them on as he stands on the floor. Sebastian spins around, getting up on his knees and maneuvering toward Blaine at the edge of the bed.

“Don’t leave yet.” Sebastian pouts, placing his hands on Blaine’s sharp hipbones.

Blaine rolls his eyes, containing the squeal wanting to form in his throat, “I have to. Gotta get back out there. Money to make, people to fuck.”

“What if I paid you an extra hundred?” Sebastian offers.

Blaine’s eyebrow darts up in intrigue and uncontrollable excitement. “Then I might reconsider.”

Sebastian smirks, slipping his thumbs under the waistband of Blaine’s boxer-briefs and sliding them down his thighs till they drop onto the floor and Blaine steps out of them.

Blaine smiles, climbs back up on the bed and allowing himself to be pulled into Sebastian’s arms and feel his tongue licking patterns on his neck. “You drive a hard bargain, Mr. Smythe.”

Sebastian bites his neck lightly, growling in his ear. “Oh baby, you know that’s not the only thing I drive hard.”

And yeah, Blaine definitely knows.


The next time Blaine hears from Kurt, it’s at about noon, and Blaine is stretched out on the couch recovering from a particularly hard fuck from some middle-aged closet case who had just had a fight with his wife and thought to take it out on Blaine. It wasn’t bad, per se, it was just intense and Blaine’s ass was definitely feeling it morning-after. He hears the trilling of his phone on the coffee table next to the couch and he swipes it up with his hand, scrunching his eyebrows when he doesn’t recognize the number.


“Blaine? It’s Kurt.”

Kurt didn’t even have to say his own name. Blaine would have known it was him the second he spoke. His voice is unique and beautiful and one that he’s heard in his head a couple times while he’s taking a shitty pounding to help him come. Not that he’d ever admit that to Kurt. That was crossing a line. But what Kurt didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

“Hey Kurt! You called!” And maybe Blaine sounds a little bit too excited, but he lets himself indulge.

Kurt laughs softly on the other end, and it sounds heavenly. “Yeah, I, um, I’m out for lunch and I was wondering if you were free. I mean, I don’t know what you do with your day time, so I figured I’d just check if you…” Kurt is babbling just a little bit, and Blaine finds it adorable. Blaine doesn’t let himself analyze exactly why he would be babbling, probably because he’s second-guessing calling him in the first place and realizing how stupid he was to call a prostitute to hang out. Blaine is proud of his job, but he’s not dumb. He knows what people think about him and he knows it makes some people fidgety. Kurt just happens to be one of those people, and he can’t help that.

Then again, he is making the effort to seek Blaine out, and that gives him just a little smidge of hope.

“No, Kurt, you’re fine. I am completely free right now. I’m just being a lazy ass in my apartment.”

“Ok, cool. Would you like to go grab lunch with me?”

Blaine grins, biting his lip hard to keep himself from giggling. “Yes, I’d love to. That sounds awesome.” He feels absolutely ridiculous pining for Kurt this way, but something about Kurt makes him giddy. He should know better than to get his hopes up, but he does anyway.

“I was thinking that little café on Fifth. Uh, Julie’s I think it’s called? Do you wanna meet me there?”

“Yeah, yeah I know where that is. Give me, like, twenty minutes?”

“Sure thing. See you in a few.”

“Yeah, see you, Kurt.”

The line goes dead, and he sinks just a little lower into the couch, holding the phone to his heart and smiling like a maniac. He knows they’re just friends. He knows this is just a friendly lunch outing. He knows that Kurt doesn’t like him like Blaine is beginning to (shit, already does). Regardless, he leaps up from the couch and rushes into the bathroom, planning out what he’s going to wear as he takes the shortest shower he can manage and taming his curls, all while trying not to freak out too much.

Kurt is just a guy. But Blaine thinks he’s so, so much more than that. And he just wants to find that out for sure.

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